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Track of The Day

3.15.10 Track of The Day

So while I’ve been back I’ve become addicted to HBO’s new show, How to Make it in America, and one of the reasons is because of the fantastic song used in the opening credits.  Listening to it, I assumed that it was a track from the 70’s funk era, or some friend of Bill Withers or something, but it turns out it’s done by an artist named Aloe Blacc, and it’s the first single off of his 2010 album Good Thingz.  Enjoy it and let it help you start the week

Aloe Blacc: I Need Dollars

3.9.10 Track of The Day

I apologize for neglecting this section lately, but to bring the page with a bang is Broken Bells.  Who??  Well, it’s an album from The Shins front man James Mercer and music genius/guru Danger Mouse.  The self-titled album ‘Broken Bells’ was released today and the first single is fantastic.  Great production, classic Mercer mellow vocals, and something just a bit different from the typical rock scene right now.  Here is that single ‘The High Road.’

Broken Bells: The High Road

2.24.10 Track of The Day

I’ve been listening to this dude Breakbot for the past month or so, and his current jam is taking the internet by storm.  There is no reason to miss out on this fine French R&B genius.  Here it is, Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Feat. Irfane).  So good.

Breakbot: Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane)

2.23.10 Track of The Day

Start bobbing your head on this chilly Tuesday here in the Chi.  Common and D’Angelo are here to bring you a nice tribute to underated legend J Dilla entitled So Far To Go.  Some of the best stuff that’s popped up from Common in quite a while.

Common-So Far To Go (ft. D’Angelo)

2.22.10 Track of The Day

Sure this song was released last year, but any song that samples current rock giant’s Pheonix’s If I Ever Feel Better are good in my book.  Check out a track from Jet Audio’s Stand Alone Complex mixtape entitled “I’ll Let You Know”. Enjoy.

Jet Audio – I’ll Let You Know (Pheonix Sample)

2.22.10 Track of The Day

Feeling pretty melancholy and chill today, so what better to listen to then Iron and Wine’s ever classic The Trapeze Swinger.  If I had a complaint it would be that at 9:30 minutes long this song is still too short.

Iron and Wine – The Trapeze Swinger

2.19.10 Track of The Day

Barbara covers Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness which is easily the best song I’ve heard all February.  Amazing stuff.


2.12.10 Track of The Day

Everyone’s favorite Outkast rapper Big Boi returns for a guest spot on new soul queen Janelle Monae’s new single, Tightrope.

2.11.10 Track of The Day

Sorry for the delay inbetween posts for this track of the day, but today I bring you a band that was just sent along to me called The Antlers.  They remind me a lot of a mix between The Woods and Bright Eyes, and this song especially brings out that comparison.  I don’t see that as a terrible thing though to be honest.  Two by The Antlers.

2.6.10 Track of The day

Why not spend the weekend tapping your feet to the smooth sounds of Sigur Ros and Mobb Deep.  What??  Yep, the silky smooth guitarist behind the genius that was the Life Aqautic Soundtrack get’s mashed up with perhaps Mobb Deep’s crowning achievement, Shook Ones.

Shook _Emancipator Mash Up_

Happy Saturday!


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