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Embrace the Rain, play these songs

April 20, 2011

So after being teased with an 80 degree weekend two weeks ago, Mother Nature decided to become Extremely Moody Step-Mother Nature and drop a bunch of rain filled 40 degree days on us here in Chicago.  Thanks a bunch!  But, I’ve decided that rather than sulk and complain about it, I’ll embrace it.  That being said, if you’ve going to head out and let Mother Nature know you could care less about what she throws at you, the first step is to give yourself a soundtrack to do it too.  Below is a head start on that soundtrack with 6 songs that are certain to make a rainy day feel just right. (Just click to play, right click save as to keep)

1.) Feist-Gatekeeper

Feist, obviously more well known for being the head-bopping up beat singer of all things related to iPod commercials, was a little more quite and subdued in her earlier days and it gave us some great calm and soothing tracks, Gatekeeper being one of these.  One of my go-to’s once it starts drizzling outside.

2.) The National-Apartment Story

I’m a fan of this particular National track because the lyrics tell me to stay inside and to whatever the TV tells us.  However, the feel of the song is gloomy and overcast, so disobeying Matt Berninger’s orders just feels like the right thing to do.

3.) The Antlers-Kettering

I love the Antlers, I can’t say it enough.  While each one of their tracks off of 09’s Hospice is fantastic, this might just be their crowning achievment, and may very well be the best rainy day song ever.  Whenever I feel a drop they get queued up on my headphones, and I even saw them live in the rain last year @Lolla.  It was perfect.  If you haven’t heard this song before, you owe yourself the next 5:11.

4.) The Weeknd-The Morning

New to the scene, this Canadian R&B group is quite the talk of the town lately.  Capturing Drake’s attention with the previously posted Wicked Games, The Morning is also one of my favorite tracks from their debut, House of Baloons.  Perfect for a cold night or a rainy day, the first 50 seconds describes basically the most baller scene of all time.

5.) Wild Beasts-Two Dancers (I)

The drums are kind of tribal, the lead singer’s voice is soothing along the lines of Matt from the National, and those are just two of many elements why this track is great on a rainy day.

6.) XX-Intro

Kind of an obvious pick I know, but this song is fantastic for running in the rain, walking around the city, it’s just versatile.  I mean, ask Apollo Ono, he loves it.

7.)The Morning Benders-Wet Cement

It helps that a piano starts this song of and then it kicks to this bass drum that almost gives a dripping sound.  This is just a lazy, rainy day track.  Lazy is what the Morning Benders do best.

8.)Lil Wayne-Trouble

Rarely will I post Weezy tracks, but something about this song has always drawn me in.  Probably the slow piano in the background and the mellow feel the whole song has throughout.

There it is, did I forget anything?  Probably, actually yes I’m sure I did.  What are some of your go to songs for rainy/gloomy days?

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