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Spring has Arrived…… with new music

March 23, 2011

Oh hey there, so everyone knows that last Sunday (March 20th) marked the first day of spring.  With spring comes the anticipation of warmer weather, warmer water, boats, lakes, beaches, and all the glorious things that come along with it (like less clothes and such).  Well, obviously one needs a soundtrack for when all this stuff happens, because you wouldn’t want to get stuck by a pool/on a boat/ at a lake party without music appropriate for the environment.  So peep the songs below and enjoy.

As always right click +save as to enjoy this music on your own computer. Or simply just click on the blue titles to play the tracks.

1. Angus & Julia Stone: Big Jet Plane (Michael Brun Bootleg)

The original of this is a folk jem, but the Michael Brun re-tune provides a much needed lift that brings this song from indoors to outdoors in terms of playability.  One of my favorite tracks as of late.

2. Mac Miller: Donald Trump

Admittedly, this is a big time guilty pleasure for me.  Is this life changing music?  No, however this song is a lot of fun, and I like the chorus, and it reminds me of a summer rap song for sure.

3. Starf*cker: Death as a Fetish

At first glance of the title and band name, you probably think I’m crazy for putting this up.  The reality is this song is begging you to play it loud, preferablyon a boat, and with a drink in hand.

4. Cults: Go Outside

Come on, the name of the song is Go Outside, of course I like it.  You will too, so listen to it.

5. Wiz Khalifa: The Race

This is one of those laid back, smooth, songs that is begging to be played by a pool or on a pontoon right around sunset.  Granted, that’s usually the kind of music that Wiz makes anyway.

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