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Help Support a Good Cause!

August 16, 2011

Hey everyone,

Yep it’s that time of year where someone you know reaches out for your assistance.  On October 9th I’ll be running in the Chicago Marathon.  It will be my 4th Marathon this year and I’ve decided to run this race as a sponsor for CARA’s Road Scholar’s Charity.

CARA is one of Chicago’s larger running organizations, and the Road Scholar’s Charity is a ” youth running program designed to challenge students to experience the benefits of goal setting, character development, adult mentoring, and improved heath, by providing them with a truly life changing experience.”  This is accomplished by pairing Chicago area youth (over 14 years old) with previous marathon runners and coaches who will help coach, guide, and train the students to run the Chicago Rock N’ Roll Half-Marathon.  The students who participate in this are merely responsible for the running (probably the hardest part), but the goal of fundraising for this program is to raise funds that will cover:

  • New running shoes for all student participants
  • Entry fee’s into the Chicago Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon
  • Travel to and from the race
  • Incentives throughout the course of the training
  • End of the Season Celebration Dinner
  • Support (medical, mental, etc.) throughout the course of the training and race

I’m committed to raising $500 for this charity (that I think is a great cause) and I would love all of your help.  Throughout college and high-school I tried to stay involved with area high-schools and organizations in an effort to tutor through education but also to promote being active and healthy.  Now that I’ve found a passion for running in these last few years I really believe this is a neat cause and any help you can provide at all would be great!

If you’d like to help by donating any amount at all, you can do so by heading to this website:

Reminder, in the box entitled ‘Please Credit My Donation to:’ You’ll need to enter in the name of the runner you are supporting, in this case me! (Will Stockert)



3 Songs for different occasions

July 12, 2011

So, I realized it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything up here, and I want everyone to know that I’m still doing stuff with things.

My biggest love and favorite thing to post about here (other than the Bulls) is definitely music, and we are currently in the midst of a summer that has given us a number of great tracks to listen to for a number of different occasions.  Below you’ll find mini-playlist’s of 3 songs that you can go ahead and add to your different style of playlists.  If I forgot any or if anyone has any suggestions for stuff that I haven’t heard, let me know! (right click save as if you want to keep the track)

3 Songs for the Beach/Pontoon Ride/ Poolside

1.) Theophilus London: Why Even Try (RAC Remix)

Everything that RAC touches is pretty much gold, and throwing in the fact that Tegan and Sara provide vocals for the chorus, this song is fantastic.

2.) YACHT: Shangri-La

Relaxed beat, great chorus.  This song is screaming to be played in the sunshine

3.) The Naked and Famous: Young Blood

This track has been around for a while, but it’s hard to ignore the wonderfulness that is the Passion Pit/MGMT -esq track here.  (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

3 Songs for Your Next Beirut/Flip Cup/Sprute Match

1.) Big Sean Ft. Kanye West: Marvin & Chardonnay

The chorus and beat knocks on this track, and come on…. would Kanye let us go the summer with out putting his name on something?

2.) Big K.R.I.T. ft. Ludacris & Bun-B Country Sh*t (Remix)

Luda brings it pretty hard here, Bun-B gives a nice flow, K.R.I.T. is as consistent as ever and oh goodness that beat!!

3.) The White Panda: Ahh California

Say ahh mixed with California Girls by Katy Perry, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

3 Songs for Your Next Run/Workout

1.) Waka Flocka Flame – No Hands (DJ Kue Remix)

DJ Kue speeds the beat up a bit on this otherwise stupid song, and the chorus is catchy enough to keep you interested while the beat drives your feet.

2.) Bad Meets Evil: Echo

Em has always made aggressive songs that are great to work out too.  Try out the standout track from his Bad Meets Evil project with Royce da 5’9″

3.) DJ Stroke ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Baby: House Of Money

This track has been on every running mix of mine for the past 18 months.  ‘Money to Blow’ with a crazy remixed beat that just screams to be run too.

3 Songs for Your Next Bonfire/Hammock Session

1.) Bon Iver: Minnesota, WI

My personal favorite from the Justin Vernon’s 2nd effort.  This song shows that he learned production skills in the studio while he was hanging with Kanye.

2.) The Antlers: Putting The Dog To Sleep

I love the Antlers, and I love their 2nd album, and for whatever reason, I really really love this song.  Check it out.

3.) Curren$y – This Is The Life

Everyone’s late night needs some hip-hop, so why not let Curren$y narrate what everyone is already thinking/feeling

Listen Up: Chicago

May 10, 2011

It’s always great to hear local acts that not only turn the heads of city spectators, but the national eye as well.  Just don’t sell out, that’s when you start sucking (I’m looking at you Kings of Leon and unfortunately because of your last album, Lupe Fiasco.  Although Lupe has time to redeem himself)

Well, I recently ran across a Chicago act entitled, Kids these Days, and was subsequently blown away.  With a 6 song EP to their name, it was interesting to see these guys get the nod for Lollapalooza this summer, but nevertheless count me as excited.  Part hip-hop, part neo-soul, part jazz, this 7 piece collective has played music with more feeling and talent in their first 10ish songs then some bands play in their entire career.  Check out songs Darling and My Days below. (click to play or ‘right click save as’ to keep)


Kids These Days – Darling

Kids These Days – My Days

Embrace the Rain, play these songs

April 20, 2011

So after being teased with an 80 degree weekend two weeks ago, Mother Nature decided to become Extremely Moody Step-Mother Nature and drop a bunch of rain filled 40 degree days on us here in Chicago.  Thanks a bunch!  But, I’ve decided that rather than sulk and complain about it, I’ll embrace it.  That being said, if you’ve going to head out and let Mother Nature know you could care less about what she throws at you, the first step is to give yourself a soundtrack to do it too.  Below is a head start on that soundtrack with 6 songs that are certain to make a rainy day feel just right. (Just click to play, right click save as to keep)

1.) Feist-Gatekeeper

Feist, obviously more well known for being the head-bopping up beat singer of all things related to iPod commercials, was a little more quite and subdued in her earlier days and it gave us some great calm and soothing tracks, Gatekeeper being one of these.  One of my go-to’s once it starts drizzling outside.

2.) The National-Apartment Story

I’m a fan of this particular National track because the lyrics tell me to stay inside and to whatever the TV tells us.  However, the feel of the song is gloomy and overcast, so disobeying Matt Berninger’s orders just feels like the right thing to do.

3.) The Antlers-Kettering

I love the Antlers, I can’t say it enough.  While each one of their tracks off of 09’s Hospice is fantastic, this might just be their crowning achievment, and may very well be the best rainy day song ever.  Whenever I feel a drop they get queued up on my headphones, and I even saw them live in the rain last year @Lolla.  It was perfect.  If you haven’t heard this song before, you owe yourself the next 5:11.

4.) The Weeknd-The Morning

New to the scene, this Canadian R&B group is quite the talk of the town lately.  Capturing Drake’s attention with the previously posted Wicked Games, The Morning is also one of my favorite tracks from their debut, House of Baloons.  Perfect for a cold night or a rainy day, the first 50 seconds describes basically the most baller scene of all time.

5.) Wild Beasts-Two Dancers (I)

The drums are kind of tribal, the lead singer’s voice is soothing along the lines of Matt from the National, and those are just two of many elements why this track is great on a rainy day.

6.) XX-Intro

Kind of an obvious pick I know, but this song is fantastic for running in the rain, walking around the city, it’s just versatile.  I mean, ask Apollo Ono, he loves it.

7.)The Morning Benders-Wet Cement

It helps that a piano starts this song of and then it kicks to this bass drum that almost gives a dripping sound.  This is just a lazy, rainy day track.  Lazy is what the Morning Benders do best.

8.)Lil Wayne-Trouble

Rarely will I post Weezy tracks, but something about this song has always drawn me in.  Probably the slow piano in the background and the mellow feel the whole song has throughout.

There it is, did I forget anything?  Probably, actually yes I’m sure I did.  What are some of your go to songs for rainy/gloomy days?

My Daily Obsession

April 8, 2011

While I don’t suffer from ADD, I tend to have a mind that jumps all over the place, especially when it comes to listening to music and finding new artists.  This would also explain how I could download the new album by The Weeknd and then forget to even import it into iTunes for over a week.  A big thanks to the Admiral for reminding me, because when I did finally listen to this guy, I became obsessed.  The most obvious comparison that people have made (and will continue to make) is The XX and I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate.  The XX isn’t this gritty.  The mood of the production is similar, but the lyrics of the Weeknd are much darker and much more troubled.  Bottom line, I found myself caring more about what the XX was playing and producing more than what they were actually saying.  With the Weeknd, the feeling is different.  The production might not be as polished (it’s damn close though) but to quote my buddy Jason (follow him on Twitter here “Wow… yeah. Good stuff. I’m so confused! So many emotions… sadness, love, how should I feel??!”

Enjoy this new obsession of mine, perhaps it’ll become one for you. (click to listen or right click save as to keep)

The Weeknd: Wicked Games

John Legend: Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)

March 25, 2011

Adele has set the internet abuzz.  Her first album 19 drew a large amount of critical acclaim and basically got everyone very excited for he 2nd full release, 21, which hit shelves earlier this winter.  Perhaps the standout track of the album comes directly in the opener with Rolling in the Deep.  It’s already spurred remixes by Jamie XX and Villa, and even saw a cover by popper Mike Posner.  Well, John Legend saved the best for last.  Allowing his voice and the lyrics to be the strength of the song was the smart choice, and what transpires is a beautiful interpretation of a moving song.  Enjoy.

John Legend: Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)

Spring has Arrived…… with new music

March 23, 2011

Oh hey there, so everyone knows that last Sunday (March 20th) marked the first day of spring.  With spring comes the anticipation of warmer weather, warmer water, boats, lakes, beaches, and all the glorious things that come along with it (like less clothes and such).  Well, obviously one needs a soundtrack for when all this stuff happens, because you wouldn’t want to get stuck by a pool/on a boat/ at a lake party without music appropriate for the environment.  So peep the songs below and enjoy.

As always right click +save as to enjoy this music on your own computer. Or simply just click on the blue titles to play the tracks.

1. Angus & Julia Stone: Big Jet Plane (Michael Brun Bootleg)

The original of this is a folk jem, but the Michael Brun re-tune provides a much needed lift that brings this song from indoors to outdoors in terms of playability.  One of my favorite tracks as of late.

2. Mac Miller: Donald Trump

Admittedly, this is a big time guilty pleasure for me.  Is this life changing music?  No, however this song is a lot of fun, and I like the chorus, and it reminds me of a summer rap song for sure.

3. Starf*cker: Death as a Fetish

At first glance of the title and band name, you probably think I’m crazy for putting this up.  The reality is this song is begging you to play it loud, preferablyon a boat, and with a drink in hand.

4. Cults: Go Outside

Come on, the name of the song is Go Outside, of course I like it.  You will too, so listen to it.

5. Wiz Khalifa: The Race

This is one of those laid back, smooth, songs that is begging to be played by a pool or on a pontoon right around sunset.  Granted, that’s usually the kind of music that Wiz makes anyway.